Gareth Bale cares very little about any fine that Tottenham may impose on him. He just spends his days shut away in his home waiting for a call from his agent, Jonathan Barnett to tell him that he has officially joined Real Madrid.
When that happens, he will board a private plane and fly to Madrid to undergo the relevant medical check-up before his presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu.
Real Madrid wants him to immediately fly to Spain as soon as a deal is announced, which is why the club already has everything ready: his shirts, the stage in the director’s box.
Bale first used a foot injury to not train with Spurs and this week he did not even turn up. Levy’s toughness during negotiations and the delay in returning the signed contracts to Real Madrid have incited Bale to rebel, something which, before he leaves, is going to cost him disciplinary action and a fine.
There is no doubt that Levy is going to go down fighting. Villas-Boas confirmed that the Welshman will probably be fined: “Negotiations are in their final stages and a deal could be done very soon, although we are also considering the option of fining Bale for his recent behaviour”.


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