Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo won’t travel to Monaco today (thursday) to take part in the UEFA Best Player in Europe award ceremony. He is shortlisted for the prize along with Messi and Ribéry. In principle the Real Madrid player was going to be there, but the gala event has been scheduled for the same day as the Trofeo Teresa Herrera (a summer friendly competition, originally organised to raise money for the poor in the A Coruña) and the player and his coach Carlo Ancelotti prefer for him to travel to A Coruña.
As of Wednesday night UEFA were still trying to persuade Real Madrid to have Ronaldo attend the event, however the club have told the governing body that Ancelotti’s desire is for Cristiano to be in A Coruña as preparation for this Sundays’ game.
Ronaldo attended the UEFA event last year and was less than happy to see his 60 goals count for nothing as Iniesta was awarded the Best Player award.
Messi will be in Montecarlo, accompanied by a number of the Barcelona top brass, including President Sandro Roselland sporting coach Zubizarreta amongst others. His parents will also be there. The big favourite to win however is Ribéry, winner of the German league, the German Cup and the Champions League last year withBayern.


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