The Nigerian defender, Kenneth Omeruo continues in his interview. Q:And has Mikel given you any tips on how to succeed in the Premier League?
Yeah. He’s always talking to me, always advising me like a big brother. He’s someone I respect a lot. He has played a lot of years in the Premier League. I think the most important thing he always tell me is ‘you have to wait for your chance and when you get it, just take it and give everything’ and that is what I plan to do.
Q:The Under-17 team have just won the World Cup. As a former Gaglet yourself, what do you make of them?
Yeah, from the first game I got a call from a friend saying ‘I think this team is better than your set’, and I said ‘yeah, I think so too’ because the team was good. And from then on, when I watched their first game, I knew they were going to win the Cup. I didn’t watch all the games, but I tried to watch as many as possible. I made sure I watched the last game and I was really very happy for them. And a few of my mates at Chelsea who watched them said they are really good.
Q:Obviously you’ve just come back from injury and not sure if you will start or not, but how difficult do you expect this Ethiopia team to be on Saturday?
After the Nations Cup, I said in an interview that my toughest game was the Ethiopia game. They have good players and they have the fitness to run. But obviously we are better and we have to put it at the back of our minds that we are better and go out there and give our best and show it on the field that we are better.
Q:How important will it be for you to qualify for the World Cup?
The World Cup is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and now we have the opportunity to be there and by God’s grace we are going to take it.
Q:What do you make of the Italy friendly? Is it a must-win game for you guys?
Actually it’s not a must-win game. There’s nothing at stake. It’s just a friendly. We just have to go there, test ourselves against one of the best teams in the world. What we have to do is focus on the game on Saturday and qualify for the World Cup. That is what is important right now.


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