Austin ‘Jay-Jay’ Okocha has described Victor Moses as a ‘worthy winner’ after the Liverpool winger was voted as Nigeria Footballer of the Year at the Nigeria Sports Awards.
The former Paris Saint Germain star who presented the plague to Moses stated that the 22-year-old defied the odds to play for Nigeria, and surpassed the expectations of many by adapting effortlessly to African football, to eventually help Nigeria win the African Cup of Nations.
“I totally agree with the voters who picked Moses for the award,” Okocha said.
“This was a young man many thought would not cope with African football, but he came in and blended seamlessly to help Nigeria win the Africa Cup of Nations.”
On a humorous note, Okocha blamed the organizers for not initiating the award during his active days, as he believed he would have been able to win it.
“I am upset by the organisers. Why did they not come when we were playing?” The former Bolton Wanderers captain queried.


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